Whacky Web Wednesdays

September 21, 2011

Our first two web Wednesdays have been interesting to say the least. It’s been interesting to me to use technology this way since I’m tech inclined, but one of our goals for the course is to use the tech effectively and I’m not sure how well that is going. The responses we all have posted have been intriguing, but the time issue bugs me a bit. Part of the purpose of tech is to savetime and allow for greater productivity. However, both weeks I find myself in the position of being late or almost late to my class right after this one. It’s something we need to work on, but Ithink there is a solution to be found that will allow us to use the tech to it’s full potential.

The author I am most interested in studying further is Edgar Allan Poe.  His mind was so twisted in a darkly comic way that I have always been intrigued by his work.  “The Cask of Amontillado” is the story in particular that I would like to study.  I haven’t read it since my Freshman year of high school, and think that another reading is necessary.  The ability to look at the words he carefully put down on the page with a new mentality and outlook on the world is very enticing to me.  The plot of the story is sinister, and at a younger age I was pulled to it like a child who has seen a new toy.

Having always been drawn to the macabre, Poe is the obvious choice for me to study.  I feel that my mind is drawn to the dark and mysterious in a similar fashion to Poe’s.  I cannot get enough of the moments that Poe describes particularly gruesome scenes and ideas with such eloquent and even beautiful language.  And at the same time, some of Poe’s notions even border on the comic.  “The Telltale Heart” is an example of this, where the narrator of the story explains that he murders another man simply because of the way he eye stares at him.

The option to choose Poe would make this class extremely enjoyable, as my American Literature class only briefly touched on his work.  This is a shame, as I truly believe he helped define popular culture in America at the time he was writing.  He may have been a failure as a playwright, but his poetry and short stories are some of the best that American Lit has to offer to any reader, no matter where they are.

Hello world!

September 1, 2011

Hey, got it working despite some initial technological issues, but hopefully it’ll be a smooth transition from here on out.